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Yes, Copier Leasing Can Help Counter Global Warming; Here’s How?

A lot of households and workplaces have a lot of systems in place that can help in saving the planet, like recycling, reducing waste, and solar panels. But how could we help to reduce our carbon footprint, especially in an office environment?

There are recent developments in modern photocopiers and printers that are doing their part to help lessen the impact on climate change, and also, it can help change the ways that offices work in an effort to help you reduce the impact on our fragile planet. 

Making a Start

Making a few simple changes can help save you some money, and it can begin to make a huge difference. By turning your printers of copiers from standby to off overnight, you can save enough energy to power both of your TV and your refrigerator at once. If your copier is left on all day and it is only used for the 1.5th of that time, this will use so much energy each year, and it will cost you hundreds of dollars. So it makes sense to just turn them off when they are not in use. 

Leaving your copier on standby overnight releases a lot of greenhouse gas over a year, which is the same as driving from Cambridge to Paris and back again, and it wastes enough energy to make 30 cups of coffee. By leaving your copier on overnight, you will use enough energy to make over 1,500 copies, and you will need to plant at least 10 trees to offset the carbon that is produced by doing this. 

Recycle and Reduce

This is a very important factor that could help to minimize the forests of paper that offices still get through unnecessarily. Despite striving for that paperless operation, unfortunately, we still have a long way to go from realizing this goal. Reducing and recycling waste is crucial, and it can be made simple with the right kind of technology. Fundamental changes to reduce paper usage could include intranets, the use of e-mail, online information, and document scanning. These ideas could transform your purchasing costs if managed carefully. So try encouraging your staff to save and read documents electronically, rather than printing out hard copies. You will be surprised at the amount that you save. 

Review your printing and photocopying practice

Before you print or copy, you need to decide if you need a hard copy. If you do, then you can try printing double-sided. The excellent range of printers, copiers, and multifunction devices will save you both money and time, as they can help you to be smarter with your printing. 

Opt for more environmentally friendly and efficient copiers and printers

If you are committed to making your business greener and more energy-efficient, you can try to get rid of equipment that is outdated. Invariably these older devices will consume far more energy than the new range of printers and copiers, which are now used widely. The energy rating of new copiers and printers is significantly lower than older copiers and printers. They have greater efficiency, due to their multifunctional capabilities, helping you to reduce the number of devices like scanners, by more than 1/3rd. These devices require staff to swipe their pass before they can print, ensuring that documents are not printed and left uncollected; this can help reduce your print output by 10%. 

Buying new copiers can be expensive, which is why leasing is a good option. If you lease a copier, not only will you be able to enjoy a new model and its new features, but you can start “going green” as early as possible. Leasing can also help you dispose of a copier that you no longer need easily, and you can get a new model once your lease is up. 

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