Sharp versus Xerox, Knowing the Pros and Cons

Two of the biggest names in the manufacturing world, particularly in the area of electronics that manufactures print and digital products among other things are now competing head-on.

As consumers and users of Sharp and Xerox products and devices, one is compelled to make a reasonable comparison to weigh the pros and cons or advantages and disadvantages of both the giant brands.

Sharp Company Overview

Sharp Corporation, whose head office is in Japan, is chiefly engaged in the manufacture and sales of equipment for telecommunication, electric and electronic application devices, and electric components. The company is a multi-million dollar organization that has its products sold worldwide for decades.

Xerox Company Overview

Xerox is an American corporation engaged in various businesses that includes document management technology and allied services, production of printing and publishing systems, facsimile machines, and photocopiers.  Globally engaged in trade, this company has also been around for decades and is worth millions of Dollars.

Point of Comparison

Comparing these two giant brands is easier said than done, thus logically a consumer is constrained to narrow the field of comparison to allow a reasonable point of comparison between the two. In this particular case, the focal point of comparison will be office photocopiers.

Sharp Photocopiers

Sharp has made a leap in fully integrating a built-in keyboard into its photocopiers. While other brands skirted around this feature by providing this as just an option, Sharp made this a mainstay.

Users of a Sharp copier would find it easier to input data and send emails and documents because of its keyboard that can be retracted when the need arises. A perfect tool since most applications at present requires the user to type in information, content, and data to scan, store and distribute documents. An actual keyboard is more convenient than just having to use a touchscreen display.

In terms of software applications development, Sharp made it possible to allow other technology developers to design and use their software applications in integration with Sharp’s line of Multifunction Printers or MFPs.

Talking about functionality, Sharp made it convenient for toner and paper replacement to adjust to a busy office or workplace. Features that include the economic use of drums and toners considered to be essentials with a high-rated yield are made in place.

Xerox Photocopiers

In terms of popularity and brand recognition, Xerox has always been in the front of the race throughout the years. With this being said, this respected and renowned company introduced the application named Touchless Access.

With this application, Today’s Xerox machines have a way to communicate with mobile devices making access to the former conveniently possible. Operators and users of a Touchless Access-equipped Xerox device would no longer have the need to make physical contact with the machine since it can be controlled by a smartphone.

Xerox Corporation’s work for convenience brought this unique feature for businesses and organizations to enjoy. There are many companies that will find the remote access of a copier from mobile devices a good option to have in the office or workplace.

Verdict and Conclusion

Both Sharp Corporation and Xerox Corporation came up with interesting and useful additions to their respective line of products over the years. The consumer or users, even with these limited pros and cons or comparisons would still have a hard time deciding who has the edge.

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In the area of photocopier production or manufacture, it seems that Sharp is catching up fast with the more popular Xerox machines, just in terms of popularity. There is still an even race in the area of technology used in both Sharp and Xerox machines.