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For The Classic Question, Inkjet vs. Laser; Let’s Set The Record Straight

If you are looking for a printer, you may be wondering what to get. There are inkjet printers and laser printers that are out in the market, and you may not know the difference between them yet. The biggest difference between inkjet and laser printers is that an inkjet printer uses ink, and it is best for low volume printing, and it is the choice of home users. Laser printers, on the other hand, use toner, which is ideal for high volume printing, and it is usually utilized in office settings. 

Whether or not you need an inkjet or laser printer would totally depend on what you print, how often you need to print, and how much your budget is for printing. Inkjet printers are cheaper, smaller and they have the versatility to print both text-based documents and images, especially photos. But the downside is cheap inkjet printers will cost you a fortune in the long run because of maintenance. 

Laser printers may be expensive upfront and use toner cartridges that are pricier than ink, but it offers an overall lower cost per page, faster print speeds, and it involves a lower total cost of ownership, Not to mention it prints high-quality images and black and white prints. 

If you are in the market for a home printer or you need a printer for occasional printing, most people would tell you to get an inkjet printer. However, a common issue with inkjet printers is that the ink dries up if you do not use them often, which is why, if you have the budget for it, it is best to get a laser printer instead because the toner used by laser printers do not dry up. 

Inkjets can only be used by those who will print a small volume of documents and colored images regularly. Laser printers are known to be more durable and can print large quantities of colored and monochrome documents frequently. Though laser printers are made for office use, they are now growing in popularity as a home printer for economic reasons. 

Color laser printers are good for everyday color printing; it also produces high-resolution images. Laser printers can also print high-quality photos. They produce detailed photos with the tonal variety and deeper blacks that creatives and photographers need. A lot of professional photo laser printers use pigment-based toner, which is more fade-resistant and works with a wide variety of art paper types as well as a range of paper sizes.

The most common perception is that inkjet printers are better with colored images, and laser printers are best for black and white text. The technology behind the two printers also determines the limitations of both when it comes to the quality of their print results. This difference shows itself more noticeably when printing high-resolution photographs. 

With advancements in technology, laser printers can now produce amazing colored pictures and other images. Inkjet printers may be the first one to do it, but laser printers are now following their steps but more durably and reliably. Laser printers can now print with amazing color tones and depth, and they are now an option for those who are looking to print colored images while enjoying the benefits of having a laser printer such as endurance, reliability, and economic benefit. 

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