All in One Printers for Sale

All in one printers have been available for several years. They combine the functions of copier, scanner, printer and sometimes fax. These versatile little machines take hardly any more space than a printer would on your desktop. Now imagine adding to this handy little machine the option of wireless connection all found in an all in one wireless printer. Two or more computers connected to one printer.

Suddenly, you no longer have to pick up the laptop and carry it to the printer location, hook up a cable and print your document. After printing, everything has to be unhooked and the laptop has to be taken back to its original location.

In another case, if you have two or more desktop computers in your home or office, imagine being able to share a printer that does not have to be hardwire connected to both desktops. Simply install a wireless interface and you can print from either location with no problem at all. No more draping cords from one end of the house to the other.

Remember that this is an all in one machine. In addition to printing from either machine, you also have the capability to scan and fax using either computer.

Although the all in one wireless printer may cost more initially, remember the savings that you will realize using this machine. First, you have the convenience of an all in one machine. You will not have to buy a separate printer, copier, scanner and fax machine, nor will you need to find a place in your already crowed office for each of the machines.

Additionally, you will not have to pay someone for the wiring for the network to connect these machines to one another to use only one printer. The printer simply becomes a part of your wireless network.

Finally, think of the time saved when you fire up your notebook computer and can instantly use each of these functions.

As with all technology, the price of wireless printers is dropping.

They are already becoming very affordable. If you have a home computer and frequently bring home on your notebook, the convenience is well worth the money.

If it is already time to replace your printer, then you will certainly want to consider one of these machines. For little more than the cost of a good quality all in one machine, you can add the wireless feature and have an all in one wireless printer.